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NH Skills session on the sea


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For the past few weeks, several NH members, who for various reasons can't get to the weekly Walden Pond or Chebacco Lake practice sessions, have started a Tuesday after-work session. Because of all the venues available in S. NH and to try to make it convenient for members to attend, the locations of the practices are proposed by the attendees and change each week. The past two weeks have seen us working on skills at Pawtuckaway Lake and the Merrimack River. Yesterday, we decided a salt water practice session was in order.

Three enthusiastic NH members arrived at the Odiorne boat launch ready to work on some skills. Instead of stopping along the beaches in Little Harbor to do some practicing, the sea lured us to poke our noses out and check the conditions. When we saw nothing but 1-2 ft. rollers coming in, Bill thought it would be a great time to give Dave some ocean time in his Bahiya post-102248-0-13529700-1404910455_thumb. post-102248-0-48593400-1404910532_thumb.. We paddled up the coast to Great Common, and Bill got some rolling practice in. post-102248-0-61057700-1404911003_thumb. post-102248-0-16083800-1404911058_thumb. post-102248-0-81166700-1404911286_thumb.. The water was cold!

After pausing to enjoy the view, post-102248-0-64922300-1404911716_thumb. post-102248-0-29037300-1404911762_thumb. we worked our way back to the launch, passing on paddling tips and kayaking info, both historical and contemporary; it was the perfect way to end the day. The next session will be on Tuesday, July 15th and will be at Robinsons Pond in Hudson.

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BG is a great option working around tides. I've paddled in for lunch many a time. LT is difficult but sometimes the kayak center next door lets me use the ramp and there is a spot to leave the boats


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