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Cranes Beach Circumnavigation - June 28, 2014


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Could not have been much better. Mike, Katherine, Janice, Pablo, Judy, Sheri, and Al launched from Pavilion Beach (Ipswich) at 10:15, 2 hours and 45 minutes before high tide.

Following Debs great suggestions and statistics we headed more towards the end of Plum Island than the north end of Cranes due to the significant current (1.7 knots). While we had no trouble, it certainly was an effort to get over the rip line running from the middle of the Parker River to the north end of Cranes. This paddle most likely should not be attempted under similar conditions with weaker paddlers. We probably should have continued on that heading much longer. As we headed a bit more towards Cranes we were pushed back down towards the rip. We ended up fairly close to Cranes beach rather than further offshore.

The current sweeping below the bluff that leads down from the Crane Estate was still very strong and we made very little headway until there was a called for stronger strokes. Everyone responded smartly and within a few minutes we were in pleasant water.

We rounded the south end of Cranes Beach as predicted at noon (5 miles/1 ¾ hours). The group decided to pass by the always crowded, noisy lunch spot and pull over near the dock on Long Island after another mile. Nice choice. ERBA beached a bit later with a large group (15+?). We overheard them talk about poison ivy as they headed for a walk on the island. An earlier request for chocolate went unanswered but grapes and nuts were offered as a replacement. Note to myself: Always bring chocolate. What was I thinking?

Water was still very high as we headed for Fox Creek. Pablo’s GPS made finding the entrance easy although those who have done it before would have found it without the aid. There are now wooden channel markers with appropriate red and green marking all the way up to the bridge. Don’t know if we can depend on them in the future, but they were a nice addition. The Ipswich Police were stationed in their marine patrol boat at the corner where many paddlers head towards the Crane Mansion by mistake. Great to see them watching for speeders and helping with directions.

We were back at our cars at 2:20 (10.3 miles). Thanks everyone for working together and making for such a wonderful day.

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