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Level 3 Solstice Paddle- June 18


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The plan is to launch at 10 a.m. sharp. The level 3 trip is one of the three trips that are part of the Solstice Paddle on Saturday, June 18. We will head NE out of Marblehead Harbor, E to Children’s Island/CormorantRock, then NE to South and then North Gooseberry Island. (possible pit stop at N. Gooseberry). N to circumnavigate Bakers Island Counter Clockwise, SW past Eagle Island, continue SW past Gray’s Rock. Time and participant inclination permitting to Brown’s Island where we will take out for a rest before continuing back into Marblehead Harbor.

When RSVP'ing for the trip, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE provide all info on the first e-mail to me so that I don't have to e-mail you three times for all the details. My e-mail is: suzanne dot pritchett at comcast dot net

If you are not a member of NSPN or ACA, you can still come, just need to either become a member for $35 or sign the event waiver and pay the $10 for the insurance for the event (all goes to the ACA)http://www.nspn.org/NSPForm0305.pdf - page 2 has the ACA waiver if you are signing up for the event only.

Review the trip levels at: http://www.nspn.org/play-trip-levels.html

make sure it is an appropriate trip for you first.

Then RSVP with the following information: http://www.nspn.org/how-to-sign-up.html

Standard RSVP Information

If an RSVP is required for the trip, email the following information to the specified Trip Leader.

1) Your Name;

2) Your ACA/NSPN member # and expiration date (If you have not yet received your ACA/NSPN card, forward a copy of the email acknowledging receipt of your application. If you are participating as a guest, state that you will be bringing the two waiver forms and a check for $6 made out to the ACA.);

3) a description of your boat (color, length, make);

4) an emergency contact for the day of the trip (name and phone#);

5) a way for the Trip Leader to contact you in the 36 hours before the trip (email and telephone); and

6) if the Trip Leader does not already know you, your "paddling resume", i.e., a brief description of your paddling experience. This can include recent NSPN trips you have been on, members or Leaders you regularly paddle with, classes taken, practice sessions attended, assessments completed, etc. It need not be more than two sentences

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I just e-mailed all who I have registered so far for the level 3 Solstice paddle. If you did not receive the e-mail from me and you are planning on going on the trip, please e-mail me ASAP and I will forward you the details.


suzanne dot pritchett at comcast dot net

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