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Boreal Designs, Ellesmere


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We have an older Ellesmere with a rope deployed skeg. Thing is can never tell if the skeg deploys or to what degree.

Wondering if anyone knows how to swap that over to a more positive connection presumably with a cable of sorts.

thanks , spider 

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4 hours ago, SeaKayakNE said:

Depending on the current skeg box it is possible to install a cable skeg.  However it could get pretty costly.  If you are interested in having it done professionally I have some time in August.

 Yes, that would be a big help. It is a beautiful boat, old style, that we bought years ago from members on this forum that moved away.

It could use some cosmetic touch up in a spot or two

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3 hours ago, josko said:

It's worth checking/replacing the current bungee cord and skeg/sliding washers. 

Yes, I don't know how to do that.

I was thinking the rope could be replaced with a stiffer flexible cable ideally.

I look at the older style  Boreal Design boats as "vintage editions" from the beginning days . Made in Quebec.

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Get some Spectra Dyneema. Rope not cable---I had some from Stellar Kayaks on a rudder set up and it does not stretch on skegs and rudders.. You can set tick marks to know depth. Defiantly new bungie and washers.. Nylon washers are at most good hardware stores and would probably match up.


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additional info,
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Thanks all.

I'm sure I'll get it all smoothed out one way or the other before to long.

( by the way I'll probably be putting the Alvik up for sale in a few days)


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