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  1. Welcome to the club and congratulations on rehoming the Explorer. They're great boats. A lot of us with NDK boats have abandoned backbands in favor of a foam block glued to the bulkhead. It can be shaped for comfort.
  2. Trying to be actually helpful this time. Here's a thorough article on Valley skegs. It recommends epoxy putty from the inside. It seems like this is more likely to form up well. https://www.kayakacademy.com/pages/valley-sea-kayak-skeg-cable-replacement-pre-2011-models
  3. I'd be inclined to live with an occasional drip rather than put a bunch of goo in there...
  4. I thought I would use this but I don't. The rails are pressure treated and shaped like a TracRac truck rack bar so the foam for them fits here. I only ever carried two kayaks but it could be rigged for more. $200.
  5. If you were looking for thrills and high adventure, this was not the day for it. If you wanted beautiful weather and easy conditions you came to the right place. We ended up with four, me, David Mercer, Peter Brady, and Sandy Blanchard. Leaving Odiorne, the biggest excitement of the day was some one foot swell piling up on the shoals outside Jaffrey point. We proceeded out to Whaleback with the intent of working our way over to Fort Foster. Some of us hadn't been to Wood Island in years so we stopped there to see the improvements. A big ship loomed offshore, possibly waiting for high water and an escort. On to Fort Foster for a leisurely lunch. We talked about a plan I have for a "Hot Lunch Paddle" coming soon. This would be the perfect location. Crossing the river, we made the decision to paddle up the river, which was pretty much slack by this time, to Goat Island and back to Odiorne that way. Thanks to everyone for a relaxing enjoyable day.
  6. Conditions still look nice for Tuesday. As a reminder, if you're joining don't forget to add your info to the float plan found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v7sEBTcvGh9W6NU4OUlSEovvvxwE7mSr8oblQxqw2p0/edit?usp=sharing
  7. In the spirit of the WLP, this trip will take advantage of mild conditions and launch from Odiorne at 10am. Lunch is planned for Fort Foster but other venues are possible as well. High tide is at 12:41 pm and it's a big one, with the full moon directly opposite the sun over our heads. I'm not sure if a reservation is still needed, as a NH senior I don't need one. Although the sun will be warm and the wind light, the water temperature is cooling into the high fifties so please dress for the possibility of immersion. Please sign up on the float plan using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v7sEBTcvGh9W6NU4OUlSEovvvxwE7mSr8oblQxqw2p0/edit?usp=sharing
  8. We ended up with seven for this trip. Me, Mike Habich, David Mercer, Jim Doscher (on his first NSPN trip!), Karen Volkman, Sue Morin, Fred Goodman. We set out from the campground at low tide. If it had been three inches lower we would have done some walking. The sky was leaden, on the very outer edge of the Hurricane Ian system. We managed to surf some micro waves washing up on the little beach beyond the bridge to warm up. I got to ride one backwards but sadly no picture. Outside the harbor we immediately found the small swell to be providing some fun on the ledges. Some provided surfable waves, then we proceeded to the beautiful chasm below Bald Head Cliff. On past Perkin's Cove to the river mouth at Ogunquit. There was some surf there but it was kind of erratic and we were getting hungry. We ate on a beach so flat that we found ourselves edging our boats up every few minutes on the rising tide. On the return we stopped for a stretch on a very steep beach that was just slippery enough for reverse seal launches. This is a wonderful stretch of coastline that never disappoints. Thanks to everyone, and especially to Sue and Jim for additional pictures.
  9. This trip is on for this Saturday, with definitely fall like weather. If you missed this one, I intend to do another, maybe in November.
  10. As of now the big conditions are out of the forecast so this trip is a go. I will start a thread for the people who responded here tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for the response! I will keep a list in the order of posting. If conditions aren't favorable I will reschedule to the next appropriate day (if we had to go with today's forecast for 10/1 we would have 8' waves at the mouth of the Ogunquit River). I hope to make a decision or reschedule by Wednesday of that week.
  12. This would be the 4th annual October Ogunquit trip. Still tentative as to the date, too far out yet for conditions. This year Ogunquit parking has changed. It's $35/day until the end of October! So I'm reversing the trip route. We will launch from Cape Neddick Campground where the fee will be $10, although they implied they would reduce a rate for a group. The added benefit is lunch on beautiful Ogunquit Beach! This trip is intended to be level 3, and I will be looking for suitable conditions. Rock play and surfing are expected. Please indicate your interest here and I will start a message thread for participants. Here's a report from last year:
  13. Sadly we were unable to work out some liability and insurance details in time for this to happen this fall. Hopefully we'll revive it next year.
  14. I keep SEAiq on my phone because it has the old charts, for now at least. It doesn't do tracking, although it has some other features that are kind of unique.
  15. When I was looking for my first seakayak I wish someone had told me to check out one of these. Would have saved a lot of buying and selling... https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/d/brunswick-ndk-explorer-expedition-build/7531606030.html
  16. We had great weather and conditions for a trip outside Gerrish Island. We were me, Jody Harris, Vlad Gersht, Joyce Carpenter, Fred Goodman, David Mercer, Don Martin, Barbara Ryan, Prudence Baxter, Nick and Ali Pearson. The direct route to Brave Boat took us past Whaleback Light so we started in that direction. As is often the case there was a lot of tidal current moving around Whaleback. While the swell was small, it was long period and provided occasional interest around the rocks. Even with the small swell, Brave Boat provided some easy surfing opportunities, which some of us took advantage of. Following lunch in Brave Boat, we split into two pods, one going back the way we came and the other continuing on the Gerrish circumnavigation. A light onshore wind turned things pretty choppy on the outside on the return, the Chauncy Creek pod can weigh in below. Thanks to Don for the above pictures!
  17. Stay tuned, I have organized a trip launching out of Ogunquit in October the last few years. It's the opposite of what Peter said but I like it better.
  18. This trip is closed. If you'd like to be on a waitlist please pm me.
  19. Weather and conditions look nice for a Sunday trip. Temperatures in the 70s, water in the 60s. Small long period swell predicted, probably enough to provide a little excitement here and there. Reply here if interested and I'll start a group message for the trip. Reservation required at Odiorne. Total trip around 10nm.
  20. Yes Ed, Jack said it was the Lynx, It just slipped my mind when I posted.
  21. Yes, so edited. I must have been thinking knautical miles😄
  22. We met at the Kittery Town Dock for an early 7:15 pickup by Jack Farrell of https://www.seacoastmaritimecharters.com/. In our group were me, David Mercer (co-coordinator), Sue Hriciga, Barbara Ryan, Jody Harris, Susan Rask, and Joyce Carpenter. The weather was sunny and calm, a cool morning living up to the forecast. Soon we were on our way out to the islands. The guy in the hoodie was not one of us. Heading out after a brief visit to Haley's Cove on Smuttynose we began an counterclockwise coastal route on the outside of Smuttynose, Cedar, and Star. Although the predicted swell was only a foot, it was able to kick up some trouble on the ledges and rock faces. Some of us went looking for trouble and some were happy to watch from deeper water. Unfortunately I got surprised by a combination of drain and wave outside of Star and was unable to get my paddle clear to roll up. The water was a comfortable temperature though and David towed me over to calmer waters before a standard rescue. I located a long, wide slot that Bob Levine and I had enjoyed on a previous trip but the water was a little low to try it. We headed on to White Island hoping to land for lunch as we had mostly not eaten since 4 am but could not find a place we liked to land. Heading back to Gosport we chose the usual lunch spot at Haley's Cove. After lunch we circumnavigated Appledore as the predicted breeze freshened from the southeast. Total distance 8.7nm. Returning we passed close to a beautiful replica tall ship. Nice ending to the day!
  23. This trip is full. Message me to be on a wait list.
  24. Forecast is looking good for this trip and there's still room on the boat. We will be picked up at the Kittery Town Dock in Pepperell Cove at 7:15. You have to arrive in time to drop off equipment and walk back .4 mile from parking at the school so it's an early start. Message me if you want to be added to the list and include information for a float plan. Club waiver is required.
  25. No link. Private message me and I'll add you to the list. Details will come via a group message. I'll add you Barbara.
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