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  1. My wife asked me what I would do if I saw a shark while kayaking. Some helpful information here: https://paddlingmag.com/skills/do-sharks-attack-kayaks/
  2. ???? I too wish to rise in defense of the Explorer. When I'm nearing the edge of my comfort level on the water there is no boat I would trade it for, Also it's possibly the easiest roll of any boat I've paddled, possibly excepting the WS Zephyr which I learned in but not owning them at the same time I can't be sure.
  3. Thanks Andy! I have a second screen on my desk and I'm just going to leave this looping there!
  4. Update: I hadn't yet paddled this boat much and decided it was time to play around with it in some fresh water. I had a terrible paddle several days ago. I couldn't get comfortable, I couldn't get my big feet settled on the pegs, and in general couldn't wait to get out. I was ready to turn it into a lawn ornament. Then I had an idea. I pulled the footpegs out and made a footboard to rest against the next fuselage stage, essentially foaming it out 5" I originally thought I would use some kind of foam but my prototype of solid wood worked fine. It even provided an anchor point for a pump: : As a bonus, I got some much needed storage capacity: I went for a 4 mile paddle on Winnisquam yesterday and it was like a whole different boat. Total comfort for the feet. Now I'm working up the nerve to take it out on the ocean...
  5. I intend to paddle solo out of Odiorne on Saturday also if I can get a reservation. I will plan on launching a half hour after Prudence's group, to avoid congestion or confusion. I realize I will be risking mud and difficulty finding the channel. Just saying...
  6. Good thing we wear pfds, I would not want to be in that 20m deep water for long!😄
  7. Hey Dave when I talked to them they wanted me to ship the paddle back to them and replace the mechanism for a large fee. Did you do the replacement? what is the process, I'm thinking it probably involves heat...
  8. A beautiful day on the water! Average 2.5' swells with occasional sets slightly larger made for nice rock play and surfing at Wallis Sands. Present, myself, Bill Harter, and Kevin Beckwith. The water is really warming up! track-61620-95649am.kml
  9. I don't think you can do it by phone. When I said we used our phones I meant for internet access: https://newhampshirestateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/odiorne-point-state-park/r/deDetails.do?contractCode=NH&parkId=270106
  10. So that's not the whole picture. Even though it's not stated on that list of restrictions, you have to make a "reservation". We were able to do this today with phones and credit cards but it would have been easier to do it from home.
  11. I'm not available this Wednesday but I don't see the limitation to MA residents in this post. Are we unbanned? 😉
  12. I've been watching their website, this changed this afternoon: Current Restrictions at Odiorne Point: Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. Seacoast Science Center is closed due to COVID-19 Odiorne Point's recreational areas and hiking trails are open. Playgrounds and indoor facilities are closed. The parking area at the Odiorne Point State Park is open and operating at 50 percent capapcity. the Boat Baunch is currently open. Please do not park along Rte 1A. Sounds like we can baunch again there!
  13. Please download the attached waiver form, fill and sign with your information and email or pm back to me by Monday morning. I will combine forms into a float plan. 616 Portsmouth NSPNWaiver.pdf
  14. This trip is a go, we have two so far and four spots remaining.
  15. This trip will be on Tuesday and we will have lunch but it will not be a "Tuesday Lunch Paddle". All efforts will be made to observe Covid protocols. If you're coming from out of state please make your own judgement regarding meeting NH guidelines. Please be prepared to transport and load your boat unassisted. Launch from Goat Island at 10. 43°04'16.5"N 70°44'06.2"W Paddle out through Little Harbor and decide at Jaffrey Point whether to island hop or head down to Wallis Sands. Out of respect for limited parking I think we should limit this trip to 6. Predicted Conditions: air high 60's, water mid 50's, light onshore wind. 2'swells on 8'. LT at Jaffrey Point 2:24 pm. If there is interest I will post a method for doing a float plan/waiver here.
  16. Joe, I wasn't taking it personally, just speaking up for my fellow NHers. I'm admittedly still a little leery about travelling south but if I'm going to do it, I would do it to paddle.
  17. I'd like to clarify the limitation to MA paddlers. What exactly is the current MA policy? I'm starting to feel like a pariah with you guys all paddling up here, I think given the statistics, NH has a lot more to be concerned about than MA...
  18. I will keep checking the website and post here.
  19. https://www.nhstateparks.org/visit/state-parks/odiorne-point-state-park As of this eveniing: Current Restrictions at Odiorne Point: In Response to COVID-19, Odiorne Point is closed to groups over five (5) people, with the exception of children under 12 with their parents. Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. - Res 7301.07 Restrictions in Public Use) Seacoast Science Center is closed due to COVID-19 Odiorne Point's recreational areas and hiking trails will remain open. Playgrounds and indoor facilities are closed. The parking area at the Odiorne Point State Park is open and operating at 50 percent capapcity. the Boat Baunch is currently closed, but will be opening soon. Do not park along Rte 1A.
  20. This is a favorite stop of mine and I know many of yours as well. New Hampshire Chronicle reran this 2017 story on the station last night. https://www.wmur.com/article/monday-may-22nd-the-wood-island-life-saving-station/9873369 https://woodislandlifesaving.org/
  21. So I checked my spare paddle which never gets used or rinsed after a trip on the deck and it operates as smooth as new.
  22. I know Werner says don't lubricate the mechanism but I'm tempted to try some dry lube on my spare paddle. The constant maintenance is too annoying.
  23. Has anyone found a way to keep these from needing to be flushed with hot water weekly? Great product but this seems to be a real design flaw.
  24. Regarding Portsmouth to Wells, you could break this up nicely with a stop at Cape Neddick Campground. As of last year there was a $10 fee. Are you planning to do these all as shuttles?
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