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  1. NSPN member Steph recently put an Immersion Research "Reggie" backband in her plastic Romany surf - not that hard to do and seems to work well for her.
  2. I put a blob of Lexal sealant on the inside of my old plastic valley kayak where it was leaking in the skeg control, seems to be holding up ok.
  3. If you end up with an alternate date that isn't 10/1 and works for me, I'd like to come if there is space. Late to the party though!
  4. Registration is now closed in order to allow us to make plans for Sunday.
  5. Hello Qian I am going to send you a private message with some more information, so keep an eye out there. Thanks! Janet
  6. Yes, unfortunately this overlaps with Gary's Lobster Buoy trip! Too few fall weekend for everything we want to do.
  7. It's already September and this will be the last skills practice session of the year (although people can always organize more!) For this week, we will be doing something a bit different in hope of giving participants some choice in the plans. The rough plan is to launch from Fisherman's Beach in Swampscott, and if conditions allow, to do some practice with launching and landing in surf nearby. From there, a group may stay put and play in the surf, while others head out for a journey. We can practice skills along the way based on participant interests - maybe some rocks, maybe some rescues, etc. When you sign up HERE the form has a space to put your interests. Thanks and hope to see you there! Janet and Sue
  8. Anyone have some they aren’t using? I’ll buy it from you. Ideally 2 inch thick, at least 12x16 inches.
  9. Sept 3, 6 of us headed out from Pavilion beach (Gloucester) to check out the Gloucester Schooner festival (potentially pronounced Shooner or Sooner, if you are from the midwest). https://www.maritimegloucester.org/schooner-festival We started by looping around the inner harbor to look at some of the docked boats - lots of action! Fishing boats, rowing boats, launches, giant schooners - really busy for pre-10am. A few docked schooners had long lines of people waiting in line for tours. Maybe next time... After the sightseeing, we headed over to the pocket beach by the breakwater for some swimming/rolling, and lunch #1, before heading north along the coast for a scenic paddle with circling schooners in the background. Despite the very tame forecast of seas < 1 foot, it was actually quite "sporty" and everyone had a good time playing in the waves. Thanks to Barb, Jody, Dana, Vlad, and Steph for joining me on this beautiful day. I hope the fireworks were worth the wait!
  10. Trip is full but you can fill out the form to be added to waitlist
  11. Vlad, please make sure you sign up on the google form as that will be where I get the float plan info and share final plans from. Thanks!
  12. Oh dear, I did not know about the Schooner festival! May rethink launch location, stay tuned. Time the same and somewhere in MA, for sure
  13. A couple of us are planning to paddle Pavillion Beach (Gloucester) this Saturday, launching at 9:30am sharp. Exact route to be determined by participant interest but be prepared for 10+ nautical miles. Sea kayak with flotation and deck lines required, bring a lunch, and a helmet if you want to do any rock play along the way. Should be a nice day! Sign up at the link below if you want to come. https://forms.gle/NVwfYSwotwi62ow28
  14. Susan, you can use the link to sign up.
  15. Trip is now full, but you can sign up for the waitlist using the same link.
  16. Mark your calendars for our next skills practice session, August 21. The topic for this session will be "Introduction to Coastal Play" and we will be launching from Odiorne Point. We are lucky to have BCU coach Jonathan Oltz of Sea Kayak New England joining us for this session! Jonathan brings a wealth of experience in this area - see his bio below. Registration for this session will open on 8/14, so keep an eye here that day for a link to sign up. More details will be provided to participants. ** JONATHAN OLTZ I coach because I love watching people learn. As a coach I believe in a participant-led approach that gives students the freedom to learn, process and grow at their own pace. My responsibility to learners is to be caring, patient and recognize their accomplishments. I will always be attentive to my learners' needs and provide a wholesome approach to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The ocean has given me a deeper understanding of myself as a person and as a mentor. Over my career as a coach I hope to empower others to enjoy the sea in a safe, mindful and healthy environment. British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader & Coach British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Award Provider & Assessor British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards Provider Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide ACA L3 River Kayaking Instructor P&H Sea Kayaks Ambassador
  17. Still space for this Sunday! You do NOT need to have any prior experience in current or moving water to join us.
  18. It's that time again! Skills practice session #4 will be on July 31. This session will be based on the Piscataqua River in Durham NH and we will work on our skills in tidal current (moving water) - entering, exiting, crossing current as well as general play. Space is limited - sign up at: https://forms.gle/XtBz2VugFxr6f2vA9 More details of time and place will be shared with those who sign up. See you there! Janet
  19. Sue, email me at [email protected] to be added to the wait list.
  20. Join us for cool swim on (what will likely be) a hot day for a session of recoveries and rescues! We'll work on wet exits, dry exits, assisted and solo re-entries, and perhaps even a bit of towing and incident management scenarios. Please come prepared for immersion - although air and water are warm, a wind layer and/or light neoprene isn't a bad idea. Sign up through Googleforms is required to attend and attendance is limited. Sign up here: https://forms.gle/3HCFRT8sHiF9wV4Z7 You must be an NSPN member and an ACA annual or 1-day member to attend. Hope to see you there!
  21. Thank you Joe for the great write up and photos. Looks like a very special place.
  22. Grab your thinking cap and join us on July 10 for our second skills session of the year "Understanding the Ocean Environment". This is open to all NPSN members, new and seasoned. We anticipate running from about 9am-1pm. This session will be held at Riverhead Beach in Marblehead. There is a parking fee for non-residents but no advanced parking registration required, Odiorne State Park Boat Ramp, Rye, NH. Sign up through Googleforms is required to attend and attendance is limited. Sign up here: https://forms.gle/ZCkR3k2rqXLCUxfB9 You must be an NSPN member and an ACA annual or 1-day member to attend. Hope to see you there!
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