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  1. Pru, what a treat to find this report...I am in deep hot texas and without boat but longing to paddle so it was great fun to follow your trip..BEAUTIFUL pics wow maryb..who still sometimes lurks on the NSPN site ...a fix for a former paddler!
  2. Yes, there comes a time when one must admit that some activities of youth are really not doable forever...For me, it is time that I admit that big water paddling is one of those actvities.Surfing and rock hopping,10 day kayaking in the bays of Maine are now too challenging. It is time to focus on less demanding physical activities and endevors. I joined NSPN in 2004 and am very grateful to all those who, over the years, have coached me, and afforded great opportunities to learn and hone skills, and to have a great time on the waters! There were some very special people involved in that process and to them I give them my thanks and very warm regards! The sad news includes the fact that I have just listed my favorite boat, Force 3, and a paddle in the classifieds. I am exceedingly grateful to the advice (from an NSPNer who knows who she is) to NOT sell my Mystic when I bought the Force 3. I will love paddling my Mystic on lakes and coves for several years to come. I wish all "Good Journeys! mb
  3. On my way across the country, the closed cell foam which I had on the bulk head for my feet blew out! So now I am looking for a source to replace it. I am in Texas so it will have to be purchased on the net. Any suggestions as to what to look for and sources? thanks in advance maryb Mystic & Impex and Force 3
  4. oh my gosh Rob! There we are...me behind and you leading the way!!! how VERY cool!!!! mb
  5. Hey Gary! Dates work perfectly for me. Great to see so many responding so quickly to the post! Hoping that Gail is going to come as well Ed!!! Will be great to catch up. maryb currently in South Carolina volunteering in the Francis Marion Natl forest and paddling Cape Romain!
  6. I note that there is a post for a post-meeting paddle on Sept 25. I do not see where the announcement of this meeting was posted...AND....I do not see the meeting on the calendar...What am I missing here?? maryb
  7. Suz, I am at Hog Island and will be here until monday pm. If you send me more info relative to when and where you might have lost/dropped it, I could go and look. I have my Force 3 with me. mb
  8. Are these weekly sessions still taking place??? So no info on Calendar. maryb
  9. mesbennett

    Casco Bay

    Great pics Gary and a great trip...MANY thanks !!!! maryb
  10. Hi Rob! I would like to attend this on May 29 and learn more about CAM. I have not done a land based session...is that ok?? I will be looking on the net for more info about CAM and talking with folks on Jewell about the same. looking forward to the experience maryb
  11. Hey Gary, Thanks so much for organizing this again..I have been three times, I think, and every time was great..and each was a different experience, rain or shine, windy or calm!!! This time I plan to do some birding! It will still be migrating season! Hoping that some will join me in the "meadow" ....what a pleasant environment to put up a tent! AND I understand that the toilet facilities have been upgraded...wow...almost too convenient! Looking forward to a good paddle after two summers in Alaska! maryb
  12. Yeah Gary!! I am DEFINITELY in!!! Planning to spend this summer in NH and paddling....a lot! Two summers in AK were wonderful..but missed paddling and gardening!! I will be returning with my rv from Colorado and would also prefer the next weekend.... SOOO glad that you are organizing this again Gary!! maryb
  13. Hi to all, Am thinking that it would be really great to paddle in Glacier Bay But am having problems finding anything but beginner/sleep on a boat kinds of trips. Anyone have any leads that I could use to gather more information...or any suggestions relative to that activity in that part of the world? Paddled the other day in a small lake and was delighted to find that my roll is still with me! Phew! Thanks in advance maryb currently outside of Denali and continuing to have a great time exploring our wonderful world!
  14. I am now in Colorado AND on my way back to Alaska! Last year's trip was beyond belief! I never got to the Inside Passage but did get up to the Arctic Ocean! If you are interested you could go to http://adventuresofmeb.shutterfly.com and look at posts from my trip from last summer. I will keep it current this summer. I am going to post on Trips, that I am looking for folks who might want to join me in July or August for a paddle in AK out of Seward. Looking forward to having my boats back east summer of 2011! In the meantime, I will be following the message board to keep up with the goings on! maryb, Currently waiting for the snow to stop so that I can go over the Mountains without chains! maryb
  15. Hi, Just tried to go through the renewal process..a few clicks and then was told that I had renewed....how did the $ change hands???? maryb
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