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  1. Hey Leon, Long time no see-Christopher and I were paddling today and we were talking about you-and what a fine paddler you are as well as person. Hope to see you on the water soon. Les
  2. Hey Christopher, I PMed you and text you -- les
  3. This is indeed sad news. Like others, Jeb helped me in so many ways with paddling - navigation, forward stroke, rolling, cold water paddling, etc. - he was the example of "pass it forward" philosophy that the club was founded on. Not to mention - the guy was straight-out funny -- and a fun paddling pal. He will be missed. les
  4. There is an alternative plan that I use when Walden closes. It is a nice pond nearby to Walden but the parking is a little tricky-if you are interested in this "plan B" message me Bill and we could always text each other when Walden closes-- les
  5. I am going to try to get to Walden today -- been chained to my desk lately -- but need to do some rolling -- hope to see you all --
  6. I am sadden to share the news that Deb Dempsey, a longtime NSPN member, died over the weekend. Those of us who paddled or spent anytime with Deb know that she was truly a kind and loving person. I am so grateful to have known her. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and particularly Dotty, her partner and her daughter, Becca. If you want to know the arrangements, please email me lbealeatspringfieldcollegedotedu. Les
  7. I plan on being there -- does anyone know the water temp at Walden?
  8. Hello, I am trying to renew my membership. When I try to purchase a membership, I get this reply: Sorry, there is a problem. You are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so. Not sure why this is happening. I am also posted as a guest for some reason. Thanks for your help.
  9. Don't know where to begin my comments on this video. But maybe - the best intentions can go dismally wrong - maybe we should get one of this machines for Walden practice sessions????? Just joking -- Kayak rolling machine
  10. What an most excellent opportunity that I have to miss due to work obligations. I am sure this will be a bucket list event - I hope you are including your name and Russell's as two of the best coaches in the business. les
  11. If I was Marge, I would get behind a bigger and stronger paddler and ride his/hers draft and they can help block the wind -- such a girly thing to do, I know --
  12. Lbeale

    Full Moon!

    I will be paddling out of Lanes Cove tomorrow (Sunday) to do some practice drills -- could make it later in the day if people are going to do a moonlight paddle in the area -- Les
  13. Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. First line of defense -- olive oil, move legs until loose -- then wipe clean -- works wonders -- Les
  14. The supporting legs on my 10 years + MSR stove are stiff to move. I would like to lubricate the leg joints but am reluctant to use any lubricate so close to the stove's body. Does anyone have suggestions on how to make the stove's legs less stiff? Les
  15. Hi Brian, Thanks for 'sessing this out -- need 3 round hatch covers for my NDK Pilgrim so interested in group buy --I remember that I ordered hatch covers for my Impex Force 3 from a supplier in NH -- dog something was the name of the company -- good deal and the hatch covers float --lasted a long time -- PS - Say "hi" to Linda for me --miss seeing her on the water -- Les
  16. Lbeale

    Walden today

    I will be going to Walden today for the skills session--hope others can join me-- Les
  17. Sunday was to be my second day of solo paddling but thanks for your most pleasant company -- and good cheer. It is worth a trip to Essex during low tide just to see how the coastline has changes since last year. People en mass on sandbars along the coast, some up to their waists. Plus the water is unusually warm (67 degrees) for this time of year. Not sure why given the winter we had with freezing coastal waters. It is amazing to me the number of boaters who disregard the posted "No Wake" signs. I lost count. Sir Christopher forgot to mention that he met a movie star/producer on one beach who was staying in one of those fancy houses along the shoreline -- then he met new NSPN members on other beach. Rock play was superb - enjoyed following the leader. Les aka Swearing Ferret
  18. Thanks so much for your info Jeff, Ed, and Gary - I appreciate your insight -- if you don't mind my asking additional questions. The trip plan is geared towards an island to island as opposed to a direct crossing. There will be five of us on this trip: 4 cars that need to be parked overnight for three nights. Lincolnville looked good because the crossing is not that long (3+miles, more or less) to Islesboro. In case of bad weather, there is always the ferry. From Islesboro, paddle to Duck Harbor then down to Vinal Haven. Another bonus is that Lincolnville is less driving time than Castine or Little Deer Isle (other possible put-ins). The high tide the first day is around 11:30 (more or less) at Vinal Haven. 1. Jeff: Do you know if there is a place to launch at the ferry terminal? 2. Ed: What do you think about launching lower than Castine -- say around Little Deer Isle -- have you done it? 3. Ed and Gary: Is there a cut at Ames Cove/Duck Harbor to get to the other side or do you ave to paddle to Pendleton Pt? 4. Is there a place to launch and overnight parking on Cape Rosier, Brooksville? 5. Gary: the ferry at Rockland to Vinal Haven is an option --plus it gives us more time to explore the islands around Vinal Haven and beyond-- can you just take kayaks and not cars? Les
  19. Thanks -- very helpful --
  20. I am planning on doing some kayak camping around the Vinal Haven area the first weekend in August. Has anyone launched from Lincolnville and what can you tell me about the parking situation? You can pm me if you feel this information is too delicate for public posting -- or just post in this forum -- Any information would be appreciated -- Les
  21. Looks like a beautiful night to practice skills at Walden. Will get there slightly earlier just in case the boat ramp is crowded-- Hope to see you for a fun and frolicking good time!!!! Les
  22. Hi Leon, Thank you for posting this notice. I had the pleasure of paddling with Joe and Oscar many moons ago. Oscar was offering a forward strokes class for Charles River and there was only about 3-5 students. I was the only one who was not a beginner. Joe and Oscar were so funny, telling jokes back and forth that it was difficult to paddle because I was laughing so hard. One joke Joe told me, " What's the Brooklyn alphabet?" The answer can not be printed here but it is funny enough that I still laugh. Plus, that man could write a story about kayaking like none other. What a loss. Didn't he and Oscar paddle a tandem surf ski at the last Blackburn? Or was that the year before? Les
  23. Hi Bob, Pleasure to meet you last night. You were so "game" to develop you skills -- and so trusting and friendly -- that it was easy to work with you. If you intend to come to the skills session next week, just let me know and I will bring an extra spray skirt for you. Les
  24. Hello BigBird, Yes--please come and people will help you develop wet exit skills--new to kayaking folks always welcome to skills sessions-- Just remember to dress for submersion if you want to do wet exits-- Les
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