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  1. Hi all. here's the trip report from the Saturday gang that headed over to Long Island. Had a fun day! Jewell Island Saturday Trip Report- May 15, 2021 An intrepid pod of seven paddlers set out about 9:30 am – a beautiful sunny day, with light winds to start. We traveled south around the tip of Cliff Island then crossed the Luckse Sound over towards Long Island (pronounced Long-guyland if you’re from NY) we were ferried south to Vail Island at the tip of Long Island, where we took a short pit stop on the beach. We made our way to and around Overset Island (at the southwest tip of Long Island) (note: on chart looks like you can go through Overset and Long Island at high tide but there is now a causeway). We followed the coast up Long Island. We passed a MITA crew on College Island and stopped to chat. They were very appreciative of all the work the NSPN crew was doing on Jewell! Our primary destination for the day was Long Island Bakehouse-for lunch. This is a new café and we were anxious to support this new local business! We beached just south of Ferry Ponce and walked up the stairs of the VFW hall towards the café which was to the left just down the road. Long Island Bakehouse proved to be a worthy destination. It’s a small café with tables both inside and outside on a front porch and a side deck. They offer a wide variety (including the much sought-after lobster roll) as well as other sandwiches, salads, and many baked goods. Phone number (207) 766-2512, www.LObakdhouse.com After lunch we headed to Little Chebeague to check out their campsite. Then we began to head back. We paddled along the north end of Long Island and crossed over to Hope Island. A charming little island with barns, horses, sheep, etc! We crossed to Cliff Island and then paddled between the East Side of Cliff Island and Jewell back to our campsite. All in all a lovely day and about 12 miles of paddling.
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