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Final round of horseshoe tagging

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It is time for the final round of horseshoe crab tagging of the year as a new moon approaches on June 19th. So far we have tagged 643 crabs, so let's keep it up!

This is an initial email looking for volunteer availability on June 19th (Tuesday). We are looking for 6 - 10 who can help us on that date. You must be physically able to get in and out of our boats from the water. Tagging requires a lot of walking, reaching into the water, wading in the water, and of course picking up crabs. YOU will get very wet/dirty. Likewise you will need to be able to bring a lunch, water, sunscreen, bug sprays, sunglasses/hat, etc. Tagging takes 3 - 4 hours and we ask that you arrive at our headquarters an hour and a half before high tide on the day of tagging.

High Tide on the 19th is 12:54pm

Volunteer opportunities are on a first come first serve basis and spots will fill up fast! So please respond at your earliest convenience. Please keep in mind that tagging efforts are weather dependent and I will need the best way to contact you in case we need to cancel due to inclement weather or any changes that may occur. I look forward to hearing from you and working together. Thank you in advance.

Marla E. Hamilton, M.S.

SCEP, Biological Science Technician

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge

(508) 945-0594 ext. 12 (office)

(978) 460-7342 (cell)

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