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TheSubaruGuru's cleaning out the garage!

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Hey Fellow Paddlers.

Finally decided to clean out all 2000-2004 Subaru Legacy/Outback and earlier Impreza parts and accessories I gathered and traded over the years.

Of most interest are 3 sets (6) of Yakima-designed Subaru OE "aero" roof rack crossbars for those members who want an extra or need one to replace a bent one, etc.

Will gladly trade for a rolling lesson or a handful of Blanxart bars if you're visiting The Continent this winter.

Also have a foglight, taillight, and a bunch of rear tonneaux (cargo covers) if you want to hide your stuff.

MANY extra OE (Panasonic/Clarion) Radio/CD/Tape single and double-DIN audio head units in case your CD transport (or cassette!) is on the fritz. Fit 2000-2004 Leg/OB, 1993-2011 Imp, and some Foresters.

Lastly, a pile of sundry sensors, connectors, bulbs, again for previous gen Subies.

Note that this stuff will NOT fit the 2005-2009 Leg/OB gen, my current metier.

Keep warm and safe!



781 483-3922

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