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Greenland instruction with KayakWays

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Lake Champlain Kayak Club is hosting

Greenland paddling and Rolling with Kayak Ways

They are coming back again in September. Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson will be back in Vermont September 24th and 25th to teach two classes.

If you are interested in joining in you must sign up with Ed Frank, ejfrank53@comcast.net.

There will be two classes, both the same and limited to eight people each day. It will be a first come first serve for the class.

Dates: September 24th and 25th

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Location: Shelburne Beach

Cost: $175 /day or do both days for $375 (bring check to class written out to Kayak Ways LLC)

Items needed: Lunch, water and paddling gear.

Class Description:

What we typically do is to offer a one day Greenlandic Intensive and cover both strokes and rolling without breaking up into two pieces The best part about that is if more folks are interested in rolling than strokes we could make the strokes section a bit shorter and have lunch a bit earlier, and have more time for rolling. It just offers more flexibility to the day.

Please read over the below information as you need to give this information to Ed when you sign up.

Information needed about you.

Height and Weight

Do you have a roll? If yes, what kinds?

Goal for class?

Do you paddle with a Greenland blade?

What kind of kayak do you paddle?

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