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Journey into the imagination at the Adventure Film World Tour Show.

Kayak from Australia to New Zealand through the most dangerous stretch of ocean on Earth, then navigate through Russia's monster mosquitoes, ferocious grizzly bears and decommissioned soviet helicopters to find mouse-eating Rainbow trout, and discover Kabul's unique cultural wonders while riding a skateboard through its narrow, crooked streets. Dedicated to all aspects of adventure, this year's festival premieres the most exciting and inspirational award-winning independent films from around the world that ignite a passion for travel, discovery and change.

Presented by Patagonia, this two-day festival features over 10 high caliber films handpicked by the Adventure Film Selection Committee from 140 entries submitted from 12 different countries. The eclectic lineup features exploration, kayaking, climbing, biking, skiing, as well as films that tackle environmentalism, global awareness, and social issues. There will also be a generous raffle provided by Patagonia, Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Charles River Canoe & Kayak, and other local sponsors in Boston.

Visit us at http://www.adventurefilm.org

The Regent Theatre - 7 Medford Ave. Arlington, MA

Tickets: $18 or Buy a 2 Day Pass - $30

Buy Tickets Online: http://www.regenttheatre.com/details/adventure_film_festival

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