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The Orion took a short wind-blown trip off a Forester...

bob budd

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...to a Nahant parking lot (several years ago), had Ice&Water shield applied on-site (thanks again Wilbur), and was surfed for the day. When we got home we cut out the damaged area, went on to cut out the flawed layup P&H had slopped on, and repaired her. Then life happened, years passed, until Monday.

Still in need of a buffing the Orion was launched from Pebble Beach by Adam while Dee piloted the Easky and I the Force 4. Mild dumping waves were not much of a challenge and we were soon enroute to Straitsmouth Island. The day was still overcast and had visibility beyond Milk but the fog was not to burn off until early afternoon. We passed by the tall lights on Thacher and the stubby one on Straitsmouth prior to landing for lunch.

While on land we meandered back to the light and climbed to the top past the large battery bank. Not the same view as from Thacher but still worth the short climb. As is custom a swimming expedition was also undertaken. As luck would have it a small flock of kayakers from Rockport happened to approach whilst one of our number was without his wetsuit. This was potentially the most eventful point of the day, yet was mostly ignored by the enemy kayakers. Still a wonderful day to be out after so much time away for the Orion and I.

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