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Wilderness First Aid H2O May 7-8, 2011

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May 7-8 Wilderness First Aid H2O, http://www.seacliffkayakers.com/First_Aid.html

Backcountry injuries and illness do not always happen in the woods or on mountains but can occur on rivers, lakes and in open ocean environments. While these injuries and illnesses share commonalties with those experienced in other environments the prevention, management, mode of treatment and evacuation can be quite different. Therefore, SOLO has adapted the Wilderness First Aid curriculum to better suit the needs of recreational and professional paddlers.

This is SOLO's twenty-ninth year offering its workshops in Wilderness First Aid. Designed specifically for groups and their leaders, this 16-hour (2-day) program addresses the prevention and management of outdoor related injury and illness to include long-term care, evacuation procedures, patient management in transition zones (where the water meets the land) and group management. All SOLO instructors are experienced rescue personnel with extensive outdoor experience and have been selected not only for their expertise in emergency medicine and rescue, but also for their teaching skills.

Classroom lectures and discussions are reinforced with intensive practical work, scenarios and problem-solving exercises. The emphasis is always on hands-on experience therefore, scenarios are an important part of this training. Once again, Todd Wright will be teaching this course. It is not to be missed!

Contact me for further information or if you have a group that wants to schedule private training, john@seacliffkayakers.com


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