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Podcast: Wild Harvests Along the Coast

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It looks like bamboo but squeezes out more useful native plant species. You've seen it. Japanese knotweed is green and fresh in the spring and summer, dried brown and brittle in the fall and winter.

It grows around the edges of freshwater ponds on most New England islands and is as hardy and recalcitrant as the other ubiqutious New England invasive, purple loosestrife.

Shannon Kaye and I turn freshly-harvested invasive Japanese knotweed into an East Coast meets the Midwest dessert known as Apple Betty Crumble.

The results are...debatable. But we were in a test kitchen.

Podcast at http://www.associatedcontent.com/audio/22034/how_to_make_apple_crumble_with_japanese.html?cat=32

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