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(Supposedly) Moonlight paddle, Saturday 21st August


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Despite a dreary sky and similar evening prospects, of the twenty paddlers who responded to the post, seventeen turned up at Lanes Cove, which was something of a surprise. We split voluntarily into two groups (I refuse to use the word "pod", reserving that for peas and whales! Although <some> boats may seem whale-like in certain respects to my eyes, all these boats were good-looking sea-kayaks!)

We turned right after common debate and paddled down to Rockport on a sluggish, slow swell as it got dark. On rounding Halibut Point, the wind got up a little and there was some give-and-take in the waves -- enough to make it interesting.

The two groups gathered in Rockport harbour, where some food (presumably) was consumed and where I definitely heard some gelcoat being sacrificed! Did someone drop their boat?

We returned to Lanes Cove after a while and the moon tried very hard to make an appearance as the cloudcover thinned -- we did also see some firework activity reflected in the cloud before we turned the corner at Halibut Point; but it was all finished by the time we got there -- I guess it was all at Coffins Beach again?

It turned out to be, once again, a lovely evening on the water with friends. We started at 1930 (perhaps one or two minutes' late; but I <had> stated that we would be mellow, after all -- Dan took that to heart?) and got off the water at around 2330.

Let's do it again next month?

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Thanks Sir Christopher for posting yet another moonlight paddle. Although this trip was longer, and the moon was not as clear, it was still a joy--the miracle and wonder-of-it-all night paddle.


aka swearing ferret

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It was a lovely evening - water relatively calm and temperature/humidity perfect. It was fun to talk with Barry, and have Leon show up to set the pace. Thanks to Les and Lorrie for leading the groups, especially Les for testing the premise that (if we really focus) we could count to eight! Thanks to Christopher for calling it.


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