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Kittery Point Wednesday 8/11/2010


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Were you using a filter? The colors seems especially vivid.

No, no filter, unless you count the salt deposits :-). I will confess to hitting the "auto color" button sometimes in Picasa though. That seems to "warm up" the colors a little - I think this time it made them a little less vivid, maybe, because they tended to be so very, very blue when I started.

Some of those photos are also severely cropped. My camera has no optical zoom, so sometimes I just catch whatever it is from too far away and do the best I can later with the computer. That gives you odd edges. Oh, well.

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Thanks to Gene for calling a perfect day. We did a Gerrish Island circumnavigation exactly as described in Gene's post, and a good time was had by all 5 of us. Took lots of PICTURES, and paddled THIS TRACK.

All in all, a great Wednesday.


Yes, Gene ran a beautiful trip. It was a good relaxing warm-up for the Mayor's Cup in NYC which happened on 8/14/10. I came in 7'th.

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