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Channel 16 Mayday, Gulf of Maine

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One key to making a vhf radio mayday call is to give your location. In this call, the harried captain of a sinking fishing boat fails to do so. His boat is sinking. Crew have deployed the life raft and survival suits.

Listen to the audio and watch the video: http://www.associatedcontent.com/video/632...gulf.html?cat=8

Two separate Coast Guard stations pick up the call, and there is no small amount of confusion.

A second commercial fisherman breaks in on the call to remind the captain to give his location, in this case Loran bearings.

Backstory: The fishing vessel Whistling Dixie struck a submerged object in winter seven miles off the coast of Maine. The captain made a rushed vhf mayday radio call to the Portland Coast Guard. He struggled to give his loran bearings.

His boat rudder post has punctured the boat's hull, leading to catastrophic flooding.

A nearby fisherman chimes in on the call to assist, reminding the captain to give his location.

The crew members were later rescued from their life raft. Whistling Dixie sank, and was later marked a securite hazard, via vhf channel 16, by the Coast Guard.

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