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Seal Huntin' with Leon, Tuck's Tuesday July 20


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A late call to paddle brought just that Blackburn stalwart Leon (who finished "only" 9th) and I to Tuck's Point for a brisk shot out to the Dry Breakers to play hide 'n seek with a pair of massive bull seals, while a dozen or so smaller brethren popped about to watch. We didn't get too close, as they stayed in the chop amongst the rocks, perhaps protecting what appeared to be a large female sunning.

We decided to lunch on Children's, where sounds of children were followed by nice conversation with YMCA directors concluding with a request to leave, despite our pleas to finish our sandwiches. Mentioning that Leon almost won the Blackburn and that despite having been a seminarian I am decidedly NOT listed in any pedophile registry fell on deaf ears....

We then scooted over to M'head Harbor, played around a bit, then up the coast, mistakenly getting halfway down Salem Harbor before realizing Kevin & Gillian's place was in the Willows, on the OTHER side of the Neck. Eventually we found Kevin and his spankin' new Tribeca, chewed the fat, then noticing the hour headed back to Tuck's, not bothering with the Miseries.

The day was partly cloudy with nary a wind, with temps cooler than of late (70s), so the longish distance went easily. Best manual tracking shows 17.6 miles. I worked fairly hard, staying abreast Leon. But toward the end Leon yawned a lot. Fatigue after the Blackburn...or paddling avec MOI? I doubt it. Maybe just the pleasant boredom of flat water at a moderate (yeah, right)


Again, it doesn't get much better.

Keep paddling.

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