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Put-ins reopened


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Magazine Beach on the Charles River in Cambridge across from BU has reopened. The park and parking lot have been renovated and updated. The put-in is essentially the same as it was before. This is a great location for a river workout. Trips from the past had paddled through the locks, along the Harbor and lunched at the Barking Crab.


The Mystics Lakes dam project is complete. The put-in off the Mystic Valley Parkway between Winchester and Medford is open again. This was a location for a weekday practice session in the past. Essentially things are unchanged from the put-in standpoint. However, all the trees between the put-in and the dam have been removed and a fence replaces them. It seems very stark.



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The Mystics Lakes dam project is complete.

Actually, Phase I construction of the secondary spillway is complete. They have paused for the summer to allow recreational access and will resume again in the fall to rehabilitate the primary spillway.

It seems very stark.

True, but I like that there is now an access path to the lower lake which would open up the opportunity for a trip from the lower lake to Boston harbor (anyone interested?). Also the fish ladder is pretty awesome!

Interesting presentation on the project here.


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