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Lanes Cove to Thatchers - July 4th


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Went out on the 4th from Lanes to Thatchers--did some rockplay from Lanes to Thatchers, then around Thatchers--found two kayakers (Jamie K. and David M.) ready to join me in some really fun rocks--had a blast and learned from my fellow "rock stars" -- always a pleasure when doing a solo paddle to play with fellow paddlers and find new places. Was that really the poster boy for the RWS? Was that really Nigel Foster's Legend boat? Yes, it was !!!

Thought I would meet up with Sir Godfrey on the way back for some more rockplay around 4--but alas, too late at the Cove -- next time.


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Liz, Jeff Casey and self put off from the cove just a short time after 1600 and fetched up on the sand south of the entrance into Essex Bay, where we found friendly, local...greenheads! So we got back into our boats and paddled down Coffins and Wingaersheek and thus back to Lanes Cove.

There were calm conditions when we set forth; but, interstingly, over at the mouth to the bay, there was plenty of onshore wind, making for fun conditions for a short while. It was a delightful evening on the water spent with friends.

I am surprised I didn't run into you along the eastern side of the cape earlier: I had ventured to Halibut Point in the afternoon before being joined by dem other folk.

Yesterday, I paddled with Katherine (whom we dragged much further than I believe she had planned to go?), Glenn and Doug down to Rockport, photos of which he has posted elsewhere (but not the pix of himself that someone else took! I suspect modesty?) There was enough swell to make life fun and interesting as we played along the way.

All in all, a very happy, kayaking weekend! :D

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