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Marblehead/Salem June 30


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Constantine, Leon, Sid and I headed out for mellow paddle on a perfect day from Riverhead. Wind was rising, a bit of chill in the air but the sun was warm. After a futile search for a friend's sailboat that was supposed to moored in front of the Salem power plant (perhaps she put out to sea when I mentioned I was coming over), we paddled over to the Willows. Apparently Kevin and Gillian knew we were coming since the kayak shop was closed. Nice brochures.

Perhaps the highlight of the tour was watching the picnickers and beachers at the Willows try to figure out what planet Constantine came from --- full yellow dry suit, hat with flaps pulled down over his ears. The rest of us just looked like a group who dressed in mismatched gear from a kayak yard sale. Note that Constantine swore he was not overheated and responded to questions rationally.

Off to Childrens. Rising wind and waves were challenging to one member in his new boat. He did a great job as I accompanied him direct to Marblehead Harbor (See general message board for my mistake). The other two circled Childrens.

Fun time on a very nice day.


PS. I think Leon only took one stroke for every three or four of ours. I wish I could say it was the Epic, but it probably is that he is a very good paddler.

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