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Great trip. The moon and our boats embellished with glowing '4thofJuly Necklases' bobbing next to the Anisquam Light ... great memories

Another nice night paddle initiated by Christopher. Thanks to everyone for the great company. Track below, just shy of 9 miles total.


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Thanks for the company and the paddle--Thank you Sir Christopher for posting this trip--just the beginning I am sure of trips this summer--

The animal howling at the full moon -- the best ever -- listening to grown men howling at the moon -- what more could a girl ask for?


aka Swearing Ferret

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Bio what ? :-) While everyone was happily chatting I was just happy to keep to boat the right side up (sweating it) so I did not really notice the bioluminescence. Although on the way back I did notice something which I thought was catching the light of my lamp planted on the back deck. Perhaps it wasn't the lamp but was the bioluminescence.

The moon painting a bearing across the nearly flat water. The smell of the bonfires on Wingaersheak (sp?) beach. The (bioluminescent) glowing wake of your paddle. Fine use of a Friday evening.
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Bioluminescence is the property of living organisms to emit light, like fireflies. In this case microorganisms in the ocean glow when disturbed. I wonder if rolling generates a filmable bioluminescent trail, it might be interesting to view.

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