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Casco Bay and a double


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My son and I paddled Casco Bay today. It was our second time in our new double. Seda Tango. It was a great test of how we would fare in windy conditions. We basically paddled to Fort Georges. He played there for a few hours and then we went across to South Portland, bug light and around towards the bridge. We then made a stop in Portland's Old Port. And finally went back to Eastern Prom beach.

Here are a few pics from my cell phone:




The tandem kayak did exactly what I bought it for. My son is not yet capable of paddling into the wind, nor is he motivated to do so. This double kayak solves the dilemma and I am pleased to say that it enabled us to move quite well into the winds. I am very impressed with it. As we were paddling across the bay to South Portland we encountered a nice chop and the boat handled is without hesitation. It will serve us well on trips where we need distance and speed.

I'm not sure what the wind speed was around 3:30PM today but it sure felt like at least 15 knots.

We were also able to test Windpaddle (sail). We tested it in a mild wind in the morning and then in strong side wind on the way from Portland. It works quite well especially for long distances. But one must be careful not to swamp it as it could be counterproductive in tricky conditions.

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