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Jealous of Connecticut kayakers...


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I paddled out of Roton Sailing Club yesterday with a daughter and son-in-law after the races, in which he and his pa were supposed to compete, were cancelled (lack of wind -- very necessary for multi-hulls). The water temperature is roughly where ours was on the scale about a month ago, before hurricane Bill went past! Now I am really jealous of folk that live around there. A capilene top was all I needed and it was hard to get off the water after an enjoyable afternoon spent cruising around the boats moored off Norwalk Yacht Club around the corner and after paddling around Sheffield Island and the Five Mile River.

High spot of the day was watching my daughter (a WW kayaker in Colorado) paddling my LV hard to get onto the decent swells that came our way late in the afternoon, while I felt obliged to bring up the rear with her mum-in-law, who was out in a recreational boat.

The channel that runs south (-south-west) out of Norwalk harbour is a busy one, by gad! One needs to keep a sharp lookout for those big motor-boats that cruise past at full-tilt!

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Dear Prof Pintail:

In addition to gracious invitations from locals, it is also worth keeping in mind that the southern coast of New England, from New London to Hyannis, is within range of a one-day road trip from the North Shore, especially if one is willing to carpool. As the days get too short for after-work outings, the option of a full day trip south becomes more enticing. It pays to stay in touch with all your paddling cronies!



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