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Gloucester Harbor and 18 1/4 nm


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Leon and I launched from Manchester at high tide following my idea to finally tour the inner workings of Gloucester Harbor. I was especially interested in Smith Cove, the waterside of Rocky Neck that I've walked often after evenings at Gloucester Stage.

Light winds and chop accompanied us into the channels, both of which we scoured, admiring the sturdy but mostly quiet working trawlers and occasional shiny stuff from ports elsewhere (inc a beauty from Key West...huh?).

We delayed lunch until a sprint to Half Moon Beach, then paddled briskly against moderate chop and a light headwind back down the coast. Filtered sun kept the temps around 70.

I later measured 18 1/4 nm, in just over 4 hrs, averaging a good 4.5kn, half the time just within earshot of Leon. It was my first extensive paddle with my Mid-Wing, which behaved better in the confused chop than I anticipated. But I suspect it was tender mercies that kept me within 100 yds of The Machine. Methinks my longest paddle, in quick time and with excellent company.

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