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Mellow Tinker's Children's Willows


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I'm paraphrasing Gene's post, sans permission (oy...):

Ern and I left the Willows (Dead Horse Beach) at high tide and circled

Children's and went thru the rocks before heading over to the east

side of Marblehead Neck for lunch. Then directly over to the Tinker's

which was interesting for the rock play and topography. The houses

looked like poor relatives of those on Baker's. We then crossed over

Marblehead harbor and went thru Dolber's Cove, then across Salem

harbor and back to the put-in with an hour and a half before low

tide. Another half hour and there would have been a large sand bar to

avoid. Traffic into Salem was slow and traffic leaving at 5PM was

worse. It still took all of 10 minutes from the Willows back to 128.

I highly recommend this put-in if you want to explore this side of

Salem Sound. I'm thinking about putting-in at Riverhead and going

down to Swampscott or Nahant.



It was great to get out again after a month away. We re-rationalized single payer healthcare, but the many loons didn't seem to be listening.

12nm of light chop, a few minutes of grumble, a fairly close call with that speedy ferry, but no t-storms...yet!


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