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Looking for L3+ for Sat, Aug 8


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Emilie and I are looking to put in about 15 miles and find some stuff to play in this weekend. We are close to seeing about joining the Casco trip, but we'd really prefer less protected waters and perhaps the chance to play in some surf this time out.

Some thoughts have been: (Note that I haven't checked tides yet)

- The Brewsters in outer Boston Harbor

- Play in Ipswich Bay with a tour down to Essex

- Monomoy? ...not sure about weekend traffic on the cape, long drive

- Something going north from Portsmouth or up around Kennebunk?

- I'd like to check out Popham some time, but that a drive of 3+hrs

- Something on the RI/CT coast?

Anyone else interested in a similar trip?

How about suggestions?



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