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Gloucester Harbor


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Liz, Lori, Phil, Dan and I launched from pavilion shortly after 10am. It was a breezy but glorious morning; temps were high seventies to low eighties, water was probably low 60's sky was clear with just enough cloud cover to cast interesting shadows on the water. We had decided on a circumnavigation of the harbor with a trip through the inner harbor to check out some of the tall ships that were berthed there. Liz was like a proud parent enthusiastically pointing out the many charms, interesting facts and useful local knowledge of Gloucester harbor.

Our counter clockwise circle took us around Normans Woe rock, before the 1.2 mile crossing to the dogbar. We had signifcant wind and swell on our starboard quarter which became moderately challenging just before the breakwater. We had only one minor tussle with an outbound close hauled sailboat who warned us over vhf not to cross his bow; when we complied he then proceeded to head directly at us before finally bearing off with a wave.

We put in for lunch at a small beach inside the breakwater and close to Eastern point light. I managed while coasting towards the beach, in possibly the most unheroic manner, to spear the only rock for a couple of hundred feet and put a hole in my boat. The hole I only noticed later when I realized that there was more than the normal amount of water sloshing around in the hull of my NDK.

Liz then took us on a tour of the inner harbor; we met up briefly with Leon who accompanied us back to Pavilion before heading out to do some fishing.

In all a great Cape Ann day. Thanks to everyone for a great trip. Total distance was just shy of 9 miles.



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