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Pebble Beach

bob budd

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The recent storms had driven enough of the famous pebbles among the rocks that made the transfer of kayaks from car to surf a bit more difficult than the usual put-in. The poor weather left us with only a few cars with which to compete for parking. Launched with a mind to make it to the Salvages in the fog.

Milk Island was, as I recall, initially visible but by the time we hit the water there were no islands to be seen. We ventured to the point and then chose a 90 degree bearing to reach Thacher. Soon enough it loomed out of the fog and we found the island closed, presumably due to the fog, etc. From there we chose a 30 degree bearing and estimated 45 minutes to the Salvages.

Along the way a sailboat appeared out of the mist at a more than safe distance. Otherwise we had only the odd lobster buoy for company. At about the 40 minute point we found ourselves more or less abeam of Straitsmouth, based upon the sound of the foghorn, and reconsidered our destination. A narrower compass point could drag to th easterly end of Straitsmouth that, given the conditions, could be more than exciting. A wider compass point would leave us somewhere in Iceland or thereabouts, I presume. Instead we chose to land in the small cove in Straitsmouth gap and collect ticks on our gear while he lunched.

I must admit I've never seen much for current in the gap but the tides, etc. had conspired to provide some interesting patterns in the water and a bit of a tug here and there. The day was otherwise uneventful and we returned to Pebble Beach with the wind and prevailing waves mostly at our backs.

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