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Bird watching

bob budd

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Many, many egrets joined us in Essex Bay on Sunday. They included snowy and great (white) egrets. A dozen or so were congregating near the entrance to Fox Creek, jostling each other, and croaking. Avoided the active osprey nest behind Hog Island.

Boats were seen generating wake in the creek and thrice roundly scolded, then later reported. Yes, "no wake" doesn't just apply at the signs.

At the northern end of the creek we pulled up on the expanding beach (as the tide fell) and sat out a rather intense rain storm that left its oncoming thunder on the mainland. It was fascinating to see what must have been large raindrops fall and dance at the surface of the water. Much better than the hail stones that troubled the Sox.

Returned to the Conomo Point landing near Walter's (ex?) house to find we should avoid said landing near low tide as it was quite dry. I think I can hear Walter laughing at us. One or our number stayed behind with the locals after we were all packed and dry.

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