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bob budd

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With the intention of paddling in Boston Harbour I packed the car on Saturday morning amidst considerable wind. Before much longer my cohort had suggested we instead stay inland. Thus, we departed from the boat dock at Cochituate Lake.

We passed under Rte 30 and passed clockwise around the lake, stopping at the low head dam and disturbing someone who must have been Whitey Bulger. Fishing is supposed to be a serene and contemplative act, but this one definitely was inordinately stressed. Further on we saw what must have been a muskrat and started a rolling contest.

Upon nearing the turnpike underpass we went down a small “tributaryâ€. The water was almost immediately very shallow but we were able to pass one fallen log and witnessed several short flights of a great blue heron and one or two hunts.

Once back in the “main lake†we found our way via a few culverts to the commuter rail line where were denied further passage. Along the way a hawk considered us from above and another muskrat swam ahead of us until disappearing in the bank. In the southernmost “lake†we also paddled by a naval research facility whose security guard used the “paddleby†to drive around his SUV and kill a few minutes of boredom.

Once back in the “main lake†and on the opposite side we encountered a curious floating object. As I drew closer, for a moment I thought I had encountered something quite unpleasant. What turned out to be a EMS Solstice sleeping bag, with a portion protruding from the mouth, could easily have been a small jacket with lifeless organic contents. Being only a few hundred yards I elected to tow the bag which turned out to be the most difficult tow of my experience.

Not sure if I would return here any time soon but it was definitely worth the trip once to traverse these waters.

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