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Marblehead Harbor and Crowninshield


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Having stuck to mostly pool sessions this winter, I decided to get some salt on my boat. After stuffing myself into my boat (the dry suit, chotas, and other sundry gear felt like putting on an extra 20 pounds), Kevin, Shaila and I headed out in sunny quiet conditions from Riverhead beach.

The best part of the trip was the perfectly exact forecast - we headed out at about 10:30 missing some of the stronger winds later in the afternoon. What was surprising and a welcome part of the trip were the 2-3 ft. swells we found once we were out of the harbor. There were crashing waves against the open ocean end of the Neck and 2 ft. swells out in the channel. It can be a lake out there a lot of the time so we had a blast surfing down following seas as we crossed from the tip the Neck over to Crowininshield. I only wish it had been warmer so we could have really played in the rocks . . . the only downer of the trip was seeing a guy launch from Marblehead neck with no pfd and head out past Marblehead Rock. . . .

Between 2 hours of frisbee golf and the pond scum session yesterday, and todays 2 hour paddle, I'm WICKED SORE. But in a good way! I can't wait for those summer days where I can shed all that gear and get into the rocks . . . come on summer!!!!

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