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Manchester by the Sea


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Well Alex and I headed East towards Gloucester. The water was very still with only small gently breaking waves on the shore. We meandered along the coastline enjoying the spectacular rock formations and cliffs along the shore. We would pop in out, around, and sometimes over the rocks (depending upon the swell). We found a few neat spots where we could paddle into some small coves racing in with the swells and then a quick low brace turn finding ourselves in a small protected pool of calm water. The water rushed in whirling and bubbling around the pool. Working our way along the shore we turned around just after the tide began coming in. There was a noticeable difference when the tidal shift came. The power of the swell increased and what was once gentle nudges became more of a thrusting push. A bit more exciting! We were able to catch a few short waves for some all too short surfing. Some nice spots on the tip of Kettle Island where we were able to bop around on the refracting waves. Heading back a rogue wave hits and I find myself up on a rock with the swell retreating. The water disappears and I discover that air is not a good element to support a brace. So over I go. A wet exit to avoid any encounters with the rocks and then a T-rescue by Alex. All part of the excitement. We returned to the beach and practiced our cold water rolls, sculls and Eskimo rescues. Good to work on those things close to the warmth of the cars. A great day of paddling! A great party afterwards. Ross

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Oh and folks not to worry, we were playin’ it safe…. two of us dressed for immersion with all the requisite gear (plus some to spare) and never more than a few minutes from the put in or at least an alternate. Definitely important to be close (i.e. a quick walking distance) to the cars when practicing skills in colder waters. Lets everyone keep these thing in mind as the weather gets colder. Ross

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