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Tuesday Tuck's: Disappointing the Seals


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Leon, Gene, Lori and I had hoped to keep our date with the gray seals off the Breakers, but despite the beautiful sky, moderate chop nudged us north instead. Lori wondered whether to call it quits, so we decided to paddle calmer waters west. As we entered the coves around Beverly Harbor the wind kicked up the chop higher, so we lunched on someone's private cove (between Woodbury and Hospital Pts?) and rested.

Following humorous conversations centered on politics and religion, we launched back, only to find the seas even bigger. We sought flatter waves farther off the beach, where I lingered, preferring 4' rollers over broken chop. Yet Lori battled on really well, as Leon (sans fishing pole) and Gene trailed, doubtless continuing their heady discussion.

As we settled into the quietness of Manchester Harbor Leon caught a multi-tattooed Gretchen (welcome to the Club!), but I had been hoping for bluefish...and wonder if the seals still await?

All told, only about 10 nm, but good exercise in a VERY different sea state compared to the weekend. Water 55F, winds 5-15kn gusts. Perfect for wetsuit and splashjackets, as we found

quickly found out.



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