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Dear Prudence--won't you come on out to play?


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John Leonard and I are planning on paddlin' around Prudence and Patience Island in RI.

Date: Sept. 27, 2008 (Saturday)

Distance: 18 miles for sure--probably more--

Launch from: Colts Street Park in Bristol, RI

CAM rules rule for the day--

Early launch -- get off the water when we feel like it--details on where, when, etc. and who signs up to join this motley crew--later

All are welcome--but this is a distance trip as opposed to a sightseeing trip--so more paddling and playing on the water than taking breaks on the shore--

Please post here if interested--

leaderless les

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Thanks to our paddling friends at Wild Turkeys and RICKA for their detailed trip reports and trip announcements:

Launch from Colt State Park in Bristol, RI (exact time for BIB to be determined -- but early around 9:00-9:30);

(Bristol is about 7 or 8 miles south west of Fall River,Ma)


Location of put in @ Colt State Park:


Colt State Park directions:


The route is approximately 14 - 15 miles with launch from Colt St Park and crossing over to Prudence Island.

Ideally, we paddle the eastern shore to the southern tip of Prudence have a break either at the southern tip of Prudence or at the Light at Sandy Point about 1/2 down the island.


This route does cross the East Passage Shipping channel in Narragansett Bay and there are ferries from Bristol - Prudence; so there could be some traffic at times on the water.

This route plan is temporary--depends on winds and tides, currents, etc. Some of us may want to paddle longer distances but the minimum for this trip is 14 - 15 miles. Once we get closer to the date, there will be more specifics on this trip.

Those of you who have done this trip, any suggestions or considerations that might be helpful in planning would be most helpful--

Any questions? Interest? Please post here--

Leaderless Les, AKA, Swearing Ferret--

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