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Plum Island Circumnavigation Wed. 8/20

Kevin B (RPS Coach)

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Three of us braved the early morning hours and the very chilly temperature (at least for August) and went around PI. Conditions were as predicted as we basically surfed down to Ipswich on following seas driven by northwest winds, lunched at Pavillion and then partially (the current helped) fought our way back as the winds stubbornly refused to change directions. On the way back, we observed snowy egrets, other small birds and a pair of osprey. All in all a great day with beautiful weather. Oh, and Sid had a chance to swim after his boat.;)

There were also rumors that I was forced to wear a purple splash jacket. These aren't true even if Chris or Sid produce pictures to the contrary :BS:


Estimate of trip:


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QUOTE(Kevin B @ Aug 21 2008, 07:17 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Sounds like you had a good trip as well. By the way, what 15+ headwinds? ;)

Oh, I felt every one of those 15+ headwinds!

If you figure in our 5 knot pace, it was more like 20+ headwinds! Ok, maybe not 5 knots, maybe more like 2... :wacko:

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