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Rock(?) Harbour and Cape Cod Bay

bob budd

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Rock Harbor has a large free parking lot for launching and ample towers for locating your return. Don't forget the tides, however, as a return at low tide means hauling your boat a good part of the several hundred yards. The rocks are not to be found, just sand, which you will find beneath your boat through some of the drag.

Billingsgate Island uncovers as the tide receeds. The first signs are the northernmost rocks, placed in vain against the sea, and the birds and mammals that perch upon them. Soon enough a beach emerges, and finally an entire sandy island. Scant remains of the few houses that were once there eventually poke out of the water. We were treated to a serenade from the many seals who sought the sun on the rocks and sand.

A building supercell is quite a site, even from the kayaks it threatens to consume. While the storm clearly was moving to the northeast it grew to the south for a time faster than it moved. Bolts of lightning were seen and a bit of gusty wind was had but the resolve of the paddlers outlasted mother nature this day. Some great pictures are certainly in someone's camera.

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