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Aug 16 Full Moon on Dogbar


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Well, in July we launched and made it 1/2 way out the W. side of Gloucester Harbor before we had to take shelter in fresh water cove from the thunderstorms. Maybe August will be different.

Saturday night.

The sun sets at 7:44 PM and the moon rises at 7:37 PM. I know. That seems backwards.

We will launch at 5:30 PM from Pavillion Beach aka the Greasy Pole on Gloucester harbor, paddle to the coast guard station -- via the inner harbor or western shore/crossing the mouth of the harbor depending on weather and the wishes of the group -- secure our boats then hike out to the end of dogbar breakwater for the moonrise, sunset and a picnic.

Bring: coast guard-required lights: a white light you can shine at oncoming boats to warn them off. Hah!, good food/drink to share, warm clothes to wear on the breakwater as it gets surprisingly cool out there and stories. Etc.

This will be a late night. Assume you will be back to your car no earlier than 11 PM, with very good memories.


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