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It Started in Lubec...


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Maine in late June on our way to Campobello. Greg, Ron, Bro-Ski and I were going to the island as a starting point for a week's paddling trip. Driving by the IGA supermarket in Lubec, we spied a SVU decked out with rep insignias and a couple of P&H boats on top. Seeing those kayaks and that ride way down in downeast Maine is not an everyday sight. "That's got to be someone we know." So we pull a u-ee , park next to the SVU and roll down the window, as did the person in the SUV. "Hey, nice boats" started the conversation.

Turns out we did know the person, but by reputation only. He was featured in TITS 2 at the Schooks and produced Pacific Horizons. Yup, it was Brian Smith along with his partner Lise-Anne and golden retriver Chuya. They had been filming along the east coast for a new sea kayaking movie Eastern Horizons Eastern Horizons.

They had been on the road almost two months, from the barrier islands up to Virginia, New York, Maine and Newfoundland. While in Maine, they visited with John Carmody in Boothbay and Mark Schoon / Mel Rice in Bar Harbor. After chatting for about 1/2 hour, we exchanged emails and offered to take Brian paddling in CT when he was passing back through the area. (Lise-Anne was flying back home).

Fast foward to this past Sunday. The plan was to go to The Race for the late afternoon flood. After waiting out a pretty impressive t-storm in some scrub brush on Fischer's Island, we had a window of opportunity and made a bee-line for The Race. The storm winds were knocking down the waves and we had missed the better part of the flood while crouched in the scrub brush. But Brian, with film gear, still scrambled out of his boat onto the rocks and climbed up to the deck around Race Rock Light. We played for a short time while Brian filmed. Rides were hard to catch, but it was still fun playing in the jobbly water. Then the distance rumble began again and we packed it in and caught the last bit of flood back to Esker Point. Not sure if it will end up on the A or B reel, but regardless it was pretty cool to meet Brian and his partner and to know that a movie of our beautiful east coast is in the making.

Peace & Cheers,



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Did you play in The Old Sow? I witnessed the sow but it was at night and not at it's peak. It still looked pretty damn cool.

Nope, the old sow was sleeping when we crossed over. (Not a bad thing). Did find a really cool reversing falls that generated whirlpools in Cobscook Bay near Pembroke that we played in. Lot of current in that area.

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Did find a really cool reversing falls that generated whirlpools in Cobscook Bay near Pembroke that we played in. Lot of current in that area.

That would probably be Cobscook Bay Reversing Falls. This is a big and powerful reversing falls in an area with a large tide range. It is interesting because there is an alternative way around it and you can actually create a round trip that goes with the current the whole way. Probably the best staging area for paddling in the region is Cobscook Bay State Campground that is farther up in the bay. It has beautiful tent sites right on water. They also have group camping area if you ever want to organize a trip to the region with a large group of paddlers. There are lots of great paddling opportunities in the area.

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What Nick's not telling you is that that you can easily see the white water from those "falls" from several miles above. I flew over once and you can also see it clearly in google earth at 10-20 mile elevation.


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