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New Play Spot in S. New England


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So I've known this guy for, what.. 3 years now, and ya think by now he would have shared all his favorite play spots. Well the other weekend, I discovered he was holding out on me. Not the race, not the reefs, not the narrows, not the cans, not j-cove, not plum gut, not nappa tree, but a place he hadn't brought me before. A true park n' play with a 3 minute paddle to fast moving current and sweet standing waves. There was a bit of swell still coming in and when that met the current - whoa nelly - it was a bury your bow fun fun fun bucking bronco ride. Thanks Greg, I forgive you!

Hope you enjoy the photos courtesy of our friend Ron. He also took some video that will hopefully make it to utube or something similar soon. (PS - Rick S - for your sake it was terrible day ;) )

AH Riding the Wave

Nice Edgeing%7Boption%7D

Greg Burying the Bow


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