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Ode to My Kayak


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And so the sun sun blessed her with a kiss of shine,

my mellow yellow bird, with soft and rounded chines . . .

This day she frolicked in fresh water while watching the birds;

eagles, loons, hawks; happy in her own world, yet still a part of her boat herd.

In blustery crossings she laughed at the wind since her skeg was deployed,

and chuckeled at other's struggles to go straight, for in other's despair, there's always some joy.

At the rocks she growled, at the waves snarled,

and even though really it was just a calm lake,

she imagined 10 footers, from the half a foot jet skiers wake . . . .

Ahh and then a lovely stop for a lunch of hummus

which she learned not too long later was quite a flummux . . .

this hummus without a single air of grace;

oh god perhaps I think I've left a trace . . .

And onward and upward home up the river

relaxed in warm water temps narry a shiver

She returned to her perch atop the car

And sighed to sleep, in dreams of oceans afar . . .

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