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Hope to see you all for the Annual Solistice Paddle this Sunday!!!!


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You're Invited!!! Come Help us celebrate 10 years of fun & friends!! Sunday, June 22nd!!!

This is our big summertime social event when you're likely to meet a bulk of us, much like our Winter Holiday party!

Traditionally this event consists of several paddling trips of differing skills levels all leaving early in the AM from Riverhead Beach in Marblehead, breaking en route for packed lunches. Various Trips will be posted by members on the Trips forum with RSVP & planning info. So far we have a L2 and a L3 trip being planned. (If you would like to initiate an additional Trip for this event, please contact me at heidi@nspn.org.)

Upon return in the afternoon (most likely 3 to 4 ish), all groups pack up their gear, change and collect under the pavillions at Devereaux Beach across the street, and enjoy a pot-luck BB-Q style beach party for dinner! Non paddling friends and family are of course also invited to meet up with us there for the food friends & fun! Bring your on-water and beach games along for a full day of festivities!

Also, in honor of NSPN's 10th birthday this year, there will be t-shirts sold* to commemorate 10 years of friends and paddling fun! T-shirts were designed by member & contest winner Suwin Chan! Reflective stickers of the new NSPN logo will also be available!

So bring your gear, your love of paddling, and a yummy dish to share, and help us celebrate our 10th anniversary!!!


To see pics of last year's solistice event please click:


*while supplies last.


Paddling Pods leaving from Riverhead Beach:

L2 Trip:

Trip Initiators: Gillian Beckwith & Brian Wells

Depart Riverhead Beach in Marblehead at 12:00pm. Beach Breifing at 11:30am!! We'll explore Marblehead Harbor and head out to Dolibers Cove. We'll practice some rock play along the coast and start to expand our boat handling skills. Skills Session and boat play for any interested parties back in Marblehead Harbor at the end of the trip. Approximate distance 5 or 6NM depending how much we stop to play along the way. This is a level 2 to 2+ depending on conditions. Low tide is at 8:26 am, high at 2:45 pm. Bring snacks and plenty of water - we'll stop to stretch our legs along the way. Any questions or concerns, email me at: gilliankirstel2003@yahoo.com. No registration required for this trip.

L2+ Trip:

Trip Initiators: Patty Phelan & Liz Neumier

We're in for the Solstice paddle on Sunday June 22 We'll be launching from Riverhead Beach and paddling over to Salem Willows where we'll take a break, have a snack and soak up some sun. Then we'll paddle back to meet up with the other groups for the pot luck. This is a level 2+ trip. The wind tends to kick up in the afternoon and there tends to be choppy water. The distance is estimated to around 10 miles. There is also a long channel crossing that can be challenging with the wind and chop. Come early for a "butts in Boats time" of 11 am. Hope to see you all!


L3, 3+ Trip:

Trip Initiator: Bill Gwynn

Depart Riverhead Beach in Marblehead at 10:30 am and head out to Childrens, then over to the Gooseberries, around Bakers, and over to Misery for a snack break. Return to Riverhead via Eagle and a trip through Dolibers Cove. Approximate distance 12NM depending how much we stop to play along the way, we will be looking for fun spots, rocks/surf etc. as we go. This is a level 3 to 3+ depending on conditions. Low tide is at 8:26 am, high at 2:45 pm.

Come and join the fun!

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