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Weekday Practice on Walden Pond


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Hi Ya’ll,

I’m looking for people that want to practice on Walden Pond on weekdays since my schedule is more flexible midweek.

I plan to be on the pond today, 5/13/08, at 3:00 PM. If you plan to get in the water I'd recommend at least a farmer john wetsuit. It will be windy today and in the 60's. You’ll need $5.00 to park or you can buy a season pass for $35.00. Ask the parking attendant were you can find the boat launch if you’re new to the reserve.

If you get there after 3 PM I’ll on the pond in a red Wilderness Systems Tempest 165. I’ll be around for an hour or two, maybe longer, if I meet another paddler that can spot for me.

Sid Cohen

North Billerica, MA


Cell: 978-408-1132

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