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Paddle pain free: It's that time of year

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One of kayaking's dirty little secrets is how poorly-designed and uncomfortable most stock seats are.

I've revamped a series of blog posts on tearing out crappy stock seats and replacing them with hand-carved closed-cell foam blocks.

There's lots of photos from Brian's webshots albums.

Posts are at paddlingtravelers.blogspot.com

Ripping out a stock seat is the fastest way to paddling more comfortably. It's not a job, however, for the newbie still enamoured with their kayak's new boat smell.

Once a paddler replaces the seat they often go down other routes: ripping out and moving bulkheads to reduce cockpit volume and capsize recovery time, removing foot pegs and replacing them with more versatile footwalls, adding cam cleats to the aft deck for rescue ropes.

A hull is just a husk really. And most stock seats are junk.

It doesn't take much time and effort to truly make your boat your own.

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