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Going remote on foot or backpack or in a kayak includes all sorts of risks, including the possibility you'll need rescue help.

Some rescue help needs are legit, others not. The rescues services for New Hampshire's White Mountains, for example, have begun charging rescuees who require help due to their own lack of planning or improper gear.

Anyhow, one way to summon rescue help in remote areas is with a personal locater beacon. They're expensive to buy but cheap to register (around $500 the former, free the latter.)

An alternative is to rent one from an outfit in Washington state for about $50 a week.

PLB's use the same satellite methods as the EPIRBs on commercial fishing vessels.

Good for kayakers, great for hikers. An online friend of mine recently bought and brought one for a lengthy kayaking vacation in Norway.

I've written a three part series on PLB's and a two-part series on SPOTs (another and less expensive device) on my blog:





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