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Goose Cove Tide Rip - Sat 10/27


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Meet 9:30 ish at Corliss Landing, Gloucester. End of Apple St, off Wheeler St.

Short paddle to Goose Cove to play in a lively tide rip under the bridge. 5-7 knots. It's a 12' tide tomorrow, so it should really jam. Going to try a experiment and tow my shot boat over behind my sea kayak (moo-haw-haw - should be fun).

Great place to learn/play in current in a nice, sheltered area w/virtually no boat traffic. And a great option when the weather ain't gonna be that great.

Once you're in though, you're in. You can't get out until the current slows down (a couple hours). Take out to stretch legs/eat/pee are readily available on rocks, or in the Greenbelt area on the other side of the cove (short paddle).

One of the last opportunities before the water gets too cold.

Come play!!

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