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GHB 9/29 - What a Difference A Week Makes . . .


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We were one week early at GHB . . . What a difference a week makes . . . Deep water bouy wave readings this a.m. from 5-7 feet . . . Hit the beach at 7:15 and there were 2-1/2's to sometimes 4 foot sets with a fair zephyr out of the north clipping the peaks into pluming rooster tails . . . boardies crowding the corner (but not too bad), and you'd be crazy to play in the rocks like we'd done just one week ago . . . Just big enough so it wasn't murder to get outside the break, though it was still quite tricky - and a workout. Beautiful morning - no better time than morning . . . vanilla sky . . . warm water . . . awesome sets - just big walls of twinkling blue glass . . . long rides w/lots of time on the face and a foam pile you could play on all the way to the sand. A few capsizes . . but no beatings . . . This was Good Harbor . . . this was why you keep coming back. And, today, the steepest vertial drop I think I've ever experienced, felt like a hundred foot wave. Holy molie what a ride . . .

Plus, there was this traditional island stand up style paddle/board surfer there today, and man could the guy shred it up. Made it look effortles, and, wow, he could just scream speed down the line . . . It was inspiring just to watch - very unique.

My only beef . . . this new super-stretch wetsuit . . . the neck chafing is killing me . . . :headBang:

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