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Sun, moon, equinox


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Just an afternoon paddle around Thatcher from Brace cove. I've been trying to get 'conditions' for 4* assessment or even practice for weeks, but I'm lately thinking of hiring myself out to get low-wind conditions for anyone who wants them. Skunked in Bar Harbor with no wind. The forecast 20 knots for today were nothing but a little puff.

BUT....paddling back to the cove - wow. A full moon rising off of the ocean, and the setting sun at the same time. I realized it was the equinox, only one of two times in the year when you can see this happen. It was magic. There was a hot desert-like wind blowing off of the land, but every so often, you could feel this cold, damp wind off the ocean. Every so often, I could feel the gentle nudge of current - barely able to perceive it. The battle of sun/moon land/sea summer/winter.

So, no big conditions, but a magic moment that Castenada called 'the door between worlds'.

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